Small Hands Can Do
Great Work

We are a Wonderland Montessori community that aims to bring children from their roots within an independent and competitive environment.

Wonderland Montessori

With our initiative to help small hands do big work through the Montessori education system and become independent. We motivate children to do things themselves and for themselves, which brings them the feeling of self-accomplishment.

Wonderland Montessori is open to all children and supports parents in rearing their child into a noble person who lives an independent life and possesses cognitive development capabilities.

Our Mission

Do It Yourself And For Yourself

We aim to provide a learning community where a child joyfully participates in an open education process and engages in meaningful activities to gather life skills with their small hands doing big work.

Our Vision

Bring The Change You Want To See In The World

We envision a world in which respect and kindness are inherent in daily life, and communities work together to improve the world by understanding the interconnectedness of individuals.

"Learning is an infinite blessing, and it is the mould within which a child can be shaped."

Wonder Communities

Our communities offer a personalized and customized approach to child development.

Nido Community

Our Nido community includes children aged 6 weeks to 18 months.

Nido is derived from an Italian word that means NEST

We teach the kid with a sense of warmth, peace, and safety

Toddler Community

Our Toddler community includes children aged 18 to 36 months.

In this stage, a child learns to walk and hold onto things.

We hold the kid in a free atmosphere to achieve the 'WE DID IT' feeling.

Children House

Our Toddler community includes children aged 3 to 6 years.

The 3+ child starts cultivating a new idea of life and learns infinite lessons.

Our professionals promote the cognitive and physical development of the child.

Have Some Doubts?

No worries. We are available to assist you from start to finish. Please help us by submitting a few of your details, and we will contact you shortly.


We bring Small Hands to do Big Work with our Montessori system of education through our professional team. Believe and Bring for the Future.

Aparna Joshi


Sanjay Joshi


Prashant Bhatt


Dr. Joanne Chatlos

Executive Director

Kelsey Trunk

Director, Admissions & Marketing

Courtney Barrow

Director of Communications

Tashia Garcia


Wonderland Montessori educates children of all ages and believes in the hidden talents of every child. In an independent environment, our small hands accomplish big work. Children learn and grow for themselves and by themselves.


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