Little By Little
We Grow Together

Small Hands Big Work is taking tiny, assiduous initiatives to cultivate the child with creative education. Let children learn from their hearts!

Small Hands Big Work

We believe in only one thing to make children learn, “Do it yourself and for yourself”, and it does wonders for them. Montessori education is all about bonding and growing within oneself.

Wonderland Montessori encourages small hands to do their big work and feel the exuberance.

We create an environment that parents can rely upon for their child"s development.

The children learn with the vision of self-dependence and entrust their hands as the tools of their brains.

Small Hands Big Work combines practical life and Montessori learning to promote flourishing in all age groups.

Our team has skilled professionals who love grooming children and making their small hands capable of big work.

We Help Children Be Pragmatic

Nurture The Roots

Wonderland Montessori supports parents in assisting their child’s overall development. Our approach empowers children to take command and connects them to their inner capabilities.

Do It For Yourself

The most important lesson we teach under small hands big work is the importance of big work in their upbringing. It seeds in them a sense of competence and self-dependence.

Grace & Compassion

Small Hands Big Work teaches the child the most reasonable yet magical life skills. We merge Montessori education with our passion for raising children into independent, aristocratic societal individuals.


Learning is a limitless blessing for anyone who understands it. Wonderland Montessori has something for everyone with Small Hands and Big Brains.


We bring Small Hands to do Big Work with our Montessori system of education through our professional team. Believe and Bring for the Future.

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Sanjay Joshi


Prashant Bhatt


Dr. Joanne Chatlos

Executive Director

Kelsey Trunk

Director, Admissions & Marketing

Courtney Barrow

Director of Communications

Tashia Garcia


Have Some Doubts?

No worries. We are available to assist you from start to finish. Please help us by submitting a few of your details, and we will contact you shortly.


Our foundation is built on Montessori principles, as are the results we have achieved during these years. Let's read the parent's support for us.


We are all growing together in our own space.

Wonderland Montessori educates children of all ages and believes in the hidden talents of every child. In an independent environment, our small hands accomplish big work. Children learn and grow for themselves and by themselves.


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